Friday, June 13, 2008


Yes it's true we bought a motorcycle! We figured since gas prices are going up and we heard that it could get up to 5.00$ by July 4. We didn't want to take any chances. So we bought our first motorcycle. It's a 2004 honda shadow 750 cc and in great condition! The previous owner took great care of it! It was fun riding it and let me say Chase was SO excited to get it! He's wanted a motorcycle ever since he can remember! He told a lot of his mission buddies that he would get a motorcycle when he got off his mission. Chase had a lot of fun driving it home besides the fact that his eyes were watering so much. He took me for a spin later that night, and we had fun showing it off to one of his deacons and his family. They all loved it and were SO jealous! :D There won't be any long trips with it for a while, until Chase can get his motorcycle liscense, and we get new plates on it and stuff. :)

On another side note. Chase's Grandpa Kartchner died early Thursday morning and we leave for the funeral on Saturday to head down to Blanding. We're both not too excited for the 5 hour drive down there or the fact that there isn't really anything to do in the town. But we're excited to see family again, all the little cousins running around. We're both sad but we knew it had been coming. Grandpa had been in the hospital for a few weeks. He definitely wasn't doing too great. He was on a lot of pain medicine for his cancer, and he also had to have oxygen to breath, and he had congestive heart failure. Poor guy, but now he's definitely in a better place, and doesn't have to deal with the pain anymore. Chase and I are both sad, but happy that he's finally moved on. I didn't really get to know Grandpa that well. But I know he was #1 singer. Better than Johnny Cash! :D I tried looking his name on google, but not very much stuff came up with him in it. We will definitely miss Grandpa, but we know he'll always be with us. :)


  1. I'm so jealous! We have a little skoot that maxes out at 35 mph.... but it does get 60 miles to the gallon if you're willing to triple your travel time.... :D But I'm way excited for you guys! Next thing I know you'll be wearing black leather and driving cross country. :)

  2. Man... you guys should've invested in a motorcycle... I got up to 80 mph today and we get 55-60 mpg. Pretty sweet huh? Plus we look so freaking sexy on the bike. It's nice!!