Monday, June 02, 2008


Okay so here's the countdown till we leave on our amazing 2 week vacation to Maryland and Pawleys Island, SC. Chase and I are SO excited! We definitely cannot wait till then!

I thought I would show a few pictures of previous years that we've gone to the beach. It's been a family tradition since as long as I can remember. There was one specific beach house called the Higgin's Hilton that we would stay at when we were younger, but then we started getting bigger and the families started growing and they had to find another beach house. So now we will stay at the Sea Hearth. It will also be Chase's first time meeting my Dad's side of the family. He's kind of nervous! But I've started quizzing him on my family's names with pictures. So hopefully by then he'll have all the names down, and he'll impress everyone! :) We definitely can't wait for a 2 week vacation! Hopefully it will be the highlight of our summer!

Us making sand castles by "drizzling" wet sand.

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