Wednesday, May 07, 2008

End of Semester on to Summer

So this last semester was not as crazy as fall semester! Let me tell you!! Fall semester I was taking 14 credits and working 25 hours a week! Talk about NO time to spend with the hubby! Then Spring semester I only took 8 credits, just enough for me not to have to pay on my student loans. But the WAY good news is.... I got a 4.0!!! Can you believe it!? I sure can't! But I am totally 100% proud of myself! It seriously gave me confidence that I can make it through school and get good grades! It's what I needed.

So this summer Chase is still working for himself and I am still gonna work at American Crafts. I'm happy that I am not going to take any classes during the summer. Which means that we'll be able to save up money for fall semester. :D Plus we also have a big trip this summer to D.C. and to Pawleys Island South Carolina! It is hopefully going to be an awesome summer filled with lots of trips on our new awesome long boards!

Other good news is that Teddad (our way of saying Tedi's dad) moved down from Clinton, UT to Springville, UT. He's got a nice big house, and Carolin decided on living with him. So now it's just the two of them, and Chase and I love going and visiting them any chance we get.

While Chase was gone for a week he sent me some pictures. He also decided to grow a goatee while he was gone, so here's what the goatee looked like! He finally shaved it yesterday. It definitely was a change to get used to. He does look good with and without one! I also took a picture of Carolin and I when I went over for Sunday dinner at Mom and Michaels.


  1. You're all wearing red shirts, was that planned? Wow! Your dad is in Springville now? That great that he's so close! Happy happy! Hope to see you soon!

  2. Hey you! congrats on your 4.0! I knew that you would be able to pull it off in psychology. I am really proud of you, that's awesome! I'm glad that I can keep in touch with you through your blog this summer. You and your husband are so cute together!