Monday, January 21, 2008


So for Christmas I decided to make our parents (my dad and Chase's parents) a photo book of our wedding (I got the idea from Angelynn), and they totally turned out SUPER cute! It was So easy! So here's the website to view the one I made for my dad.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wedding Pics

Some of you have been asking for our cute wedding pictures... So here they are... I'll probably end up posting some more pictures. I wasn't able to get to download all of them.

My Parents and Chase and I
Chase's Parents and Chase and I

Chase and the Groomsmen (expect for David)
Me and the Bridesmaids

Hot I know!

This one is my favorite!

At the Timpanogos temple in Utah


I am writing this blog because I haven't uploaded ANY photos since before Chas and I got married. So here are our firsts...

This is what the apartment looked before we had everything finished back in like September. Oh man!

This is right after we set up the cool desk we got at ikea! But we weren't fully moved in yet either.
This is Chase's cooking adventure. He was trying to make something but we didn't have any other apron, so he had to use mine. hehe

Isn't he so cute?

Our cute little fake Christmas tree, on Christmas morning. We woke up at 7:30 so we could open our presents before Logan called. But Logan ended up calling at like 10 or something. So we ended up getting up early for nothing! :(

our cute little stockings!

Our cute little apartment finished!! YAY! But not decorated yet... :(
Our cute little kitchen, the kitchen is all from Ikea, even the stools!

Our bathroom! We have an awesome shower!