Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Things that are Baby Food Round 2 + 3

Kason has been loving the baby food what I've been giving him. I'm trying to feed him more of our food so he gets used to eating it. This second round of baby food has lasted us almost a month because I'm doing both baby food and finger-ish foods.

Here are the recipes from the second round of foods that I made:

Sweet Potato, Red Bell Pepper and Pear

Sweet Potato and Squash

Avocado and Banana

Apple, Spinach, Blueberry

Apple, Spinach, Pea - I didn't really care for this one. It smelled kind of funny, and just tasted odd.

Avocado, Banana, and Pineapple - On this site it said not to freeze it, because it doesn't freeze well. But I did, and it turned the tops of the ice cubes a little brown.


The day after freezing

I made this 3rd round of baby food on February 22, and these are the foods I made:

Apple Quinoa and Sweet Potato (the recipe says to use carrots, but Kason loves sweet potatoes, so I added those instead)

Prunes, Blueberry and Apple

Chicken and Green Beans - It asks for avocado, and I omitted it.

Sweet Potato, White Bean, Carrot - I added in the carrots


I didn't quite cook the carrots and sweet potatoes all the way (on accident). There ended up being clumps when I was transferring it from the food processor to the ice cube trays. So that was a bit frustrating.

Have you made baby food before? If so I would love any recipe you've loved!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Things that are an Orlando Florida Vacation 2016

Chase and I flew out on a red eye to get there Tuesday Morning. The Dopey Challenge didn't start until Thursday morning, but we wanted an extra day to recoup before we had to start running.

Lots of blogs that we read suggested we DON'T go to the parks after the half marathon and marathon. Unfortunately, we didn't listen. But, because of how long those races ended up being, we didn't have as much time in the parks after the half marathon and marathon.


Chase and I were planning on going to the Orlando Temple after getting off of our red eye flight. We were going to sleep for a few hours since it wasn't even 6am. We found this parking lot, but then security found us, and initially asked us to leave, but when we told them we had just gotten in on a red eye and wanted to just sleep for a few hours they said we could stay. But we ended up driving to the temple instead. We always try and go to the temple when ever we travel.

Then we headed to Cape Canaveral and to the beach. If I was going to be on the east coast and that close to the ocean it was worth making the drive there.

After we were able to check into our townhouse we were renting we slept for a few hours before we had to go pick up the rest of our crew. All their flights were delayed and didn't arrive until 3:30am!

Thanks to Celise for taking the photo


We spent the day going to packet pick up and getting our parks tickets and figuring out what we wanted to do.


Dan, Celise and I met up with Shelly for the Pluto 5k. You can read all about the race here. After the race we headed back to our townhouse (each way was about a 20 minute drive) and got our spouses. We then headed to Hollywood Studios.
Started our first IVF shot

 First ride 

We were all so scared to ride this ride! ;)

I seriously hate falling, but I had a lot of fun! 

I always do a hand stand after I do something hard! and Tower of Terror is just that for me!

 I met Darth Vader and he wanted me to join the dark side. Of course I said no, and then he threatened me...

 Had to share this!


Dan, Celise and I met up with Shelly again for the 10k. You can read about the race here. It was really raining and so we didn't take very many pictures while running. After the race we headed to Animal Kingdom. It was raining for quite a while, but then by the afternoon it cleared up.

 That's how he rolls! ;)

 Loved meeting Tarzan

 First time on Expedition Everest! My favorite ride in all the kingdoms!

 Finished off the Day at Texas Roadhouse


We ran the half marathon (my birthday), and had fun in Magic Kingdom. I got to ride on a few favorites. Having fun running and celebrating my birthday all on the same day is great!

 Birthday half marathon!

 Chase, Aleta and David all enjoyed Magic Kingdom with no one in site! Which mean they had first dibs on the best rides!

 I think this was Chase's favorite day! To be able to be the only one in Magic Kingdom

 The 3 racers all met our spouses after we finished the race. They got to enjoy a few more rides while we caught up to them.

 Splash Mountain was fun

A great way to end the day! (and too many miles on my legs!)


We ran the marathon, and it took us over 6 hours and we started around 6am (per our corral). So we spent the afternoon in Epcot. Chase and David hung out in Epcot and did some rides while they waited for us to finish. All the runners ran through Epcot every day, so it wasn't new to me, but Chase sure had fun on some rides.


We flew home, and got home super late.

Super fun vacation! The weather was perfect for us! And I can't wait to get back there! Maybe soon!