Monday, July 20, 2015

Things that are Celebrating 8 years of Marriage!

Holy cow! Time has seriously flown by! It sometimes feels like just yesterday Chase and I got married!

Because our anniversary falls on a Sunday, so we celebrated on the 18th instead.

I started the morning with a run and then a temple trip with the Relief Society Presidency. What a wonderful experience, to be united as a presidency. It was definitely fun to go with them, and I am so lucky to live so close to temples.

When I got home from the Temple, Chase showed me that his mom had found our wedding knives:

Chase and I went and enjoyed lunch at Zupas in Orem. It's crazy how much our lifestyle has changed now that we are watching what we eat. I was super hungry... So I got a half salad and a panini. I ended up only being able to eat my half salad and then only ate half the sandwich.

We decided that we wanted to go kayaking out on Utah Lake. It is only $10 to rent a kayak for an hour (each additional hour is only $5) at the Lindon Marina. Chase had never been kayaking before and we ended up having a LOT of fun! While we were driving back home we saw this access point to get to the Beach of Utah Lake, and we saw a few dogs playing. So we HAD to go get our dogs!

 Using the oar as a "selfie stick"

You get a good shot of my leg!

We thought we should try taking the dogs to see if they would love the water more than they did last year when we took them to a dog park that had a little river and pool where the dogs could play. They did not like the water last year and were deathly afraid of it!

Chase made a video of our adventures at Utah Lake with us kayaking and the dogs playing in the water:

We got home and the dogs were exhausted!

Dearest Pepper! She definitely cracks us up

For dinner we went and got Sushi at a yummy place in American Fork. I haven't had it since Chase and I were in Toronto back in 2013.
Crystal Shrimp, Rock n' Roll, and California Crunch

We went and got Dole Pineapple whip like the ones in Disneyland. Oh my gosh! So good!

 I got a strawberries and cream shave ice with dole whip in the middle. So yummy!

 You can tell I was really excited for it. :)

Overall it was a fan-freakin-tastic day. I think we know how to have more fun now, then we did when we were first married. We definitely laugh a lot more, and try and find joy in the simple things in life. 

Here's to another year.

P.S. I will eventually get our Alaska Trip up on the blog.. but it may take some time.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Things that are Happy 8 Years!

Oh my my! I can't believe that it's been 8 years - I probably say that every year, but I have grown so much through these 8 years being married to Chase.

I think it's fun to reflect back on what we have done over the past 8 years...

Our 1st Anniversary we went to Park City, UT.

Our 2nd Anniversary we went to San Francisco, CA.

Our 3rd Anniversary we had a staycation here in good ol' Utah County.

Our 4th Anniversary we had another staycation in Salt Lake County.

Our 5th Anniversary we had a low key night to ourselves, but then went to Vegas with Friends who happen to share the same week as ours for Anniversaries.

Our 6th Anniversary we flew out of the country to London, England.

Our 7th Anniversary we celebrated at home in July by seeing wicked and going to the temple, but then in September celebrated together with a Disneyland trip.

Our 8th Anniversary we kind of forgot about celebrating with a trip or vacation. One downside of having a summer anniversary is dealing with crowds and people where ever you go. We usually trade off on who decides what for anniversary trips/activities etc. This year it's Chase's year to decide what to do.

I wanted to tell about our experience about the day of our wedding, because I haven't shared that...

It was a Thursday morning, and I woke up super early to have my friend Katie come over and style my hair before Chase and I were supposed to be at the temple (8:30am), and our sealing/marriage would be performed at 10am with family and friends waiting for us.

After I got all dressed and lookin' pretty (not in my wedding dress - a really pretty purple dress that I still have and wear often) I drove from my mom's house to Chase's parents house. We drove over to the temple together. 

Once we got there, we took care of paperwork with the temple and then waited what felt like a long time, to actually be married. During that time I reflected a lot and was SO nervous. I mean this was going to be life changing for both Chase and I, and I wanted to make sure I had made the right decision - I'm not sure why I waited until that moment, and why I didn't reflect on it earlier.

The sealer had to marry us 3 times, because he kept screwing up my name. :S It was a beautiful ceremony and I always try and remember it so it stays active in my mind.

Afterwards we went outside the temple and met up with those who could not join us for the ceremony. We took a lot of fun pictures, and it was such a beautiful sunny day. After we got all our pictures we met up with the same family and friends at Magleby's in Provo for a luncheon.

We ended up having a reception the next night at a friend's backyard, which turned out to be amazingly gorgeous. The cake was amazing!! The only really sad thing about the reception was that our photographer didn't show (I guess she had a family emergency come up and couldn't find the house where we were having the reception). Chase ended up getting his camera and having his uncle take pictures for us, but because his uncle is so tall we both look like midgets.

We did have a lot of fun - and I wish now that I had SHOVED cake into Chase's face instead of kindly letting him eat it. I think he would want to do the same now and shove cake in my face too.

After the reception Chase and I drove to St. George for the night, and then headed to Palm Desert, California to enjoy a nice relaxing honeymoon.


Happy 8th Anniversary! I pray we can have many more happy and enjoyable years together!

Monday, July 06, 2015

Things that are Remembering Family...

A while ago I was out on my 8 mile run on the Saturday before Memorial Day. As I ran past Orem Cemetery, I kept thinking about my Grandparents, and how I missed them. I didn't ever get the chance to meet the Grandma that I'm named after, Theodora.

During my run I kept wishing that I could have been able to go to their grave and take pictures with their grave on Memorial Day. I've been there several times before, but I really wanted to be at the grave and show my love to them. I know they know that I love them, but I just felt like that would be the closest that I could get to them.

I'm not sure where my mom's parents are buried. My dad's parents, Granddaddy Alexx and Grandma Ted are buried in Arlington Cemetery. The last time I was able to see their grave was with Chase in 2008, he had never been to Arlington Cemetery before. I was excited for him to see their graves and to experience Arlington - because it is so peaceful.

It's always very humbling there. I can't believe how many have died for our country, and I'm so thankful for them, and those that are still serving for all of us to be able to live in a free country.

Thousands of graves in Arlington

Since both my grandparents chose to be cremated, this is all that there is for their grave. 

As I have gotten older I have enjoyed learning about my families history and hearing funny stories from their time. I think the best one is called "The Spite Fence" that my great Aunt enacted for us while we were visiting family at the beach 2 years ago.

I only have a few pictures of my Grandmother - she was very pretty! I think all the Higgins' women were dolls! :)

The Higgins' Family

My Grandparents on their Wedding Day. 

Anyways, enough of my ramblings I just wanted to say that I'm so thankful for my family and all that they have done for me, my cousins, parents and siblings. I seriously love learning about my family and can't wait to learn more!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Things that are Disneyland Vacation 2014 Part 2


Chase and I drove to Oceanside, CA. It was super windy and cold!

We walked out to the Pier to eat at Ruby's Diner. I wasn't too hungry so we got a shake and split it. After sharing a shake, watching the surfers and people fishing on the pier we drove to Newport Beach to go to the temple, and do a session.

Wednesday Morning we woke up bright and early (even staying in a hotel we can still hear the people above us), and walked through Downtown Disney to get to the park. We stood in line for a little while and then got right into California Adventure! I was SO excited to be back at Disneyland!
We first got fast pass tickets to the World of Color - which was pretty freaking awesome!

I rode on what I thought was the scariest ride on the planet! And guess what!? I conquered my fear of falling! Well sort of... I only rode this ride once (I don't think Chase liked it that much either - maybe he's afraid of falling too?)

It was so much fun seeing all the Halloween decorations up!

Hello Mickey!
We HAD to go see Iron Man! It was a must! Wish I could've jumped in one of those suits!

We got to meet Captain America. It was kind of awkward... I think meeting characters is weird and I never know what to say to them or ask them - am I the only one?!
Then we got soaking wet going on Splash Mountain... Uh that ride terrifies me EVERY time! I despise that drop, but love the ride. Makes sense right?!

That night we got in line for World of Color
I loved how they had tons of Disney songs play during the water show.


First thing we did was go on Splash Mountain... We got SOAKED! I'm not even kidding you! I was SO cold!
Later we did my favorite ride - which was Toy Story Midway Mania (which I sucked at shooting, but it was a lot of fun!)
Loved the big Pumpkin Mickey!


One of our favorite rides was the Cars Land ride - Radiator Springs Racers. We went on it a total of 4 times!

I have to tell you this little girl (who was so so cute) dressed up as Elsa, and went to meet Thor! She wanted to show him her magical powers (and she was SO into it too!)! He was impressed!
My meet and greet with Thor went a lot better than with Captain America. He definitely made me feel like a princess! :)

Friday night: Chase and I did the Mickey's Halloween Party!
There were new decorations up and it was fun to see some Villain's - though I would have liked to have known where they were.. Didn't find out until we were leaving.

We got an up close shot with Sleeping Beauty's Castle and NO ONE was behind us! I was so so happy! These were our costumes for the night. Any guesses on what Chase was?!
The Haunted Mansion was another favorite for me! We loved it! I was happy they had it all decked out for Halloween!
We finished our California adventure with The Haunted Mickey Clan! Plus we had LOTS of candy!

Our top favorite rides for Disneyland:
Splash Mountain
Buzzlight Year Astro Blaster
Star Tours (loved how updated they made it!)
Thunder Mountain
Peter Pan
Innoventions (not a ride) - Where Iron man, Thor, and Captain America are
Indiana Jones
Pirates (if it's just the two of us we got front row both times we went on it!)
Haunted Mansion (holiday)

Top rides for California Adventure:
World of color (yeah I know, not a ride)
Radiator Springs Racers
California Screamin'
Turtle talk with Crush (not a ride, but fun- especially if you ask "What does the Fox say")
Grizzly River Run
Toy Story Midway Mania

I can't believe it's only been 4 months since we were there! It was a lot of fun and I still have lots of memories from it!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Things that are Highlights of 2014

This year has been fun! Just reviewing what we have done is exciting!

 photo IMG_0664_zps06950490.jpg
We watched the Speed Skate Trials at the Olympic Oval Track in Kearns.

 photo IMG_0669_zps1371e8ef.jpg
Chase and I hopped into a bobsled. Can't believe people get into these in less than 5 seconds! It was so crammed in there too.

 photo IMG_2057_zpsa278290d.jpg
 photo IMG_2065_zpsbf6e788b.jpg
We went snow shoeing for the first time and hiked up to Donut Falls. It was a lot of fun and hope we can do it again next year.

 photo IMG_0729_zps88fe571a.jpg
We did the run for Philippians and it was cold and freezing.

 photo IMG_0716_zpsb2d39156.jpg
My sister came home from her mission a few days after her birthday!

 photo IMG_2247_zps41b29003.jpg
Went to Youth Conference with our girls we had a blast and we went snow shoeing again! So much fun! I was happy the girls got out and enjoyed themselves!

 photo IMG_2225_zps5a7257c5.jpg
At the end of March I did the Lake to Lake relay with 1 friend and 3 new friends! Chase was our driver and he did awesome at making sure we helped out each other while we were running.

 photo IMG_0751_zpse04e7ef3.jpg
We went to the Real Salt Lake (soccer team) Open House. It was a lot of fun and were able to see a few of the players up close and hear some Q&A.


 photo IMG_0886_zpsa6b4b7a1.jpg
Chase was Iron Man for a little boy who had a Super Hero party!


 photo IMG_0996_zpsb2b17452.jpg
Chase, and his Dad drove his brother up to Alaska because he got a job up there. They drove through Palmer, AK and took lots of pictures.

 photo IMG_1016_zps615505c4.jpg
They were gone a full week and were able to go to visit the Alaska temple.

 photo IMG_2456_zps307dab8c.jpg
I ran the Elevate 5k in May - which was my first race back after a long Iliotibial band recovery. I ran with some great friends and my only goal was to just run the whole time.
 photo IMG_2490_zps144790cb.jpg
Chase and I also did a trail run and found a new park for the dogs.

 photo IMG_2554_zps6e84a186.jpg
We ran the dirty dash!

 photo dirtydashjune2014_zps1363c064.jpg
With some really cool friends! Chase made a video of the Dirty Dash with our GoPro: here.

 photo IMG_2629_zps9f4967f3.jpg
Alli and I went on a trail run in Provo and it was hot and very hilly! I felt like I was gonna die!


 photo IMG_2642_zps05720cc1.jpg 
We started the month off with a run on July 4th!

 photo IMG_1080_zpsf7efccd3.jpg 
For our anniversary we went and saw Wicked at the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake.

 photo IMG_2695_zps33815dfa.jpg
We enjoyed it like always and it was fun comparing when we saw it last year in London. 

 photo IMG_1088_zps9d97e678.jpg
For our actual anniversary we went and did sealings at the Timpanogos Temple in American Fork.

 photo IMG_0564_zps018d8007.jpg
The week after our anniversary I went to Girls Camp with the young women in our ward. I had a lot of fun even though it rained every day while we were there.  


 photo IMG_2767_zps8b295837.jpg
  Chase and I took Carolin to Paramore when they came to the UCCU Events Center in August (it was her belated birthday present).

 photo IMG_1102_zpsae407b07.jpg
They always do a fantastic job at entertaining and I will probably always go to their concerts whenever they come!

 photo IMG_1126_zpsced81a02.jpg
We moved at the end of August. It was a big mess in our front room. 

 photo fertilityrun1_zps81a03787.jpg
The last day of August we did a Footsteps for Fertility run. It was a fun run, and even though we didn't get a grant from them, they were able to raise enough money to give 11 other couples a grant.

 photo IMG_2805_zps37025a6c.jpg
At the beginning of September we went with some friends to go through the Ogden Temple open house. They completely re-did the temple, it is nothing like how it was before. 

 photo ogdentemple_zpsd7e8b4b3.jpg 
It is such a beautiful temple. If you get a chance to go to a temple open house I highly suggest it. It's the only opportunity to visit inside the temple. 

 photo IMG_2815_zpse8216e6f.jpg
Chase and I did the Rivalry Relay with 4 other friends.

 photo IMG_2822_zps9b6f80c3.jpg
Chase and I had fun and we both did great on our legs that we ran.

 At the end of September Chase and I got to go to Disneyland! We got a great deal on it and we had a TON of fun!
 We were able to get a front row picture of Sleeping Beauty's castle. It was fun and we can't wait to take our kids there some day!


We ran the Haunted Half together which was really fun! I can't believe how well Chase did with having no training and wanting to stay with me. I gave my review of the race here.


 We ran the DomiNATE race together, which was a lot of fun. I ran pretty hard and pretty fast even with an uphill close to the end of the race.

 Ran the Turkey Trot with Alli. It was fun and I ran faster than anyone expected.

 We had a combined family Thanksgiving minus Sister Carolin who went to Oregon with her boyfriend. It was definitely fun hosting dinner at our house.

 photo IMG_3480_zpsa76c95a8.jpg
December has been a very relaxing month for us. We had a good Christmas and just relaxed. Nothing eventful.

I'm glad for what this year has brought us, and I'm excited to what the new year will bring us. Follow my blog with Bloglovin