Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Things that are Day 3-4 of Alaska Vacation

If you haven't read Day 1-2 of Alaska Vacation, please go HERE to read it!

Monday: Chase and I headed up to Denali National Park to try and get a glimpse at Mt. Mickenley (or now called Denali). We stopped in Talkeetna where the mayor is a Cat. We got to meet the mayor, and enjoy a pastry at Talkeetna Roadhouse where Man V Food stopped. They had the restaurant set up to be "family style" and you just found a seat where ever. Chase and I weren't able to find a seat by each other, so we ended up getting a pastry and ate it on the road to Denali.

 The Mayor!

We didn't have time to make it all the way to Denali National Park, so we stopped at a scenic overview. Unfortunately it was cloud covered and we weren't able to see it, like at all. You couldn't even see the mountain range that's how bad it was. Which shows just how cloud covered it is.

We met a lot of road construction that took us a while to get through. After deciding that we weren't going to get a picture of Denali we headed to Palmer, AK.

We stopped at the water tower, and found a decent souvenirs shop that had Palmer shirts, and apparel. Chase also was on the hunt for a geocache that they couldn't find the last year when they were in Palmer. So we both hunted for it, and he finally found it.
The Palmer's in Palmer, AK.

 The missing geocache

We headed back to Anchorage to meet up with the rest of the family to hike Thunderbird Falls. They were already making their way up the 2 mile round trip trail. We caught up and enjoyed the beautiful falls.

We then went back home to rest for a little while, and then went out to eat at this place called Home Town Korean Restaurant. It was super yummy!

Tuesday: We drove from Anchorage to Seward, but we stopped at a few different points along the way, and made the most of our drive down the Seward Highway.

 That morning I went out for a run before we left Anchorage at Kincaid Park. I saw a mama moose and her baby before I left, and I was terrified that I was going to run into them as I was running back. Thankfully Chase saw them walk a different way than I was running.

On our drive to Seward, we stopped at Beluga Point to get some mountain spring water. There's a spout right off mile marker 109 on the highway. Super good!

Then we drove to Girdwood to hike on this really cool trail, called Winner Creek Trail. It has an amazing hand tram! We couldn't pass this up! Super unique.

Next we went to Alyeska to go on the Tram up the mountain for some gorgeous views!

The Palmer's in Alyska, AK.

Then we drove to Portage to see Portage Glacier and to drive through a mountain to get to Whittier to see some more amazing views and to eat at this yummy restaurant (Varly's Swiftwater Seafood Cafe) and get some awesome fish. Though Chase hates fish.

The Palmer's in Portage, AK.

Waiting to head into the tunnel. Super cool!

The Palmer's in Whittier, AK.

After Whittier we continued to drive until we reached Seward.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Things that are My Trip to Maryland

I found out in May that my friend, Krista was getting married. We are 6 months apart and have been friends since we were in nursery together. My parents are converts and her family was fellowshipping my parents and I.

Anyways, I told her I would be there for her wedding. She flew out to mine, so it was only fair for me to come to hers.

I flew out on Friday October 20, and flew home on Tuesday October 24. It by far was one of the hardest things for me to do. I wasn't taking Kason and that was really hard. I cried on the plane flying out. There was another mom with a baby about the same age as Kason and I was pretty upset that I wasn't taking him with me. Since I've been exclusively pumping I knew it would be extremely hard for me to pump as well as take care and feed a baby. Chase had also just started a new job and didn't feel he was able to take the necessary time off to fly out with me. So the grandma's ended up watching him, and I am forever grateful. I was also able to check in on him through the baby cam, so that was nice.

Saturday was the wedding at the Washington D.C. Temple. It was a beautiful warm day. The reception was held at the Walkersville LDS church. They had yummy soups, bread and some caramel apple slices. It was such a pretty reception. She even danced for Steve.

Sunday, I went on a 7 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail with Don and Alexandra. We hiked from Boonsboro to Washington Monument State Park. Not sure if it was being at sea level or the humidity but it was A LOT easier to hike than typical Utah hikes. I learned that hiking on the AT you have to watch out for Blazes (I didn't take any photos of what they look like, but you can do a quick search to let you know what they are and how they work) to tell you if you are staying on the trail or not. Blazes aren't common here in Utah.

 I almost walked into this crazy spider! (It's big and orange)

Monday we drove to Manassas, VA to meet with a couple we gave a grant to. It seemed to work out perfectly with me traveling to Maryland and meeting them. There was also this pretty big bookstore that Don and Alexandra wanted to go to.

After meeting, chatting and looking around the bookstore we headed to D.C. When we got there Don took me to view all the sites on a brisk walk around the Washington Mall. I've been there so much that I just wanted to walk and see everything, not necessarily go inside the museums. Don told me so much and gave me so much info, that I can't remember it all. Here's our 6 mile walk around the Washington Mall.

 The White House

 The African American Museum

I believe this is the Mellon Auditorium

Then we walked through the outside of the National Gallery of Art

Then the capitol

The Washington Monument

The capitol again

The Washington Monument again - you can't walk/ride up to the top anymore.

Then we walked by the National Museum of the American Indian (I've never been inside it before)

Outside the Air and Space Museum - fun fact, when I was young and came here a lot I thought it was called the "Aaron Space Museum" I didn't know that it was Air and Space?

A closer shot of the Washington Monument

 WWII Memorial

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial (this was new from the last time I've visited)

Jefferson Memorial

FDR Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Lincoln Memorial 

"I Have a Dream" Spot where MLK Jr. stood (I never knew this was there).

The Lincoln Memorial 

Another shot at the Washington Monument

The Vietnam War Memorial 

and last but not least, The Declaration of Independence Memorial

We walked past a lot of other buildings that I just didn't take pictures of. We walked in a big rectangle (aside from going out to the FDR and MLK Jr Memorials) hitting the major Museums of the Smithsonian.

That night we met up with a distant cousin, Camille and her two girls, Xenia and Phoebe. I wasn't able to meet her husband. She gifted me a Moby wrap (which I'm loving now more than my other carrier).

The next morning I pumped before my flight and was one of the last people on the plane. I'm usually in the middle of the pack when boarding so it really freaked me out, but I'm glad I didn't miss my flight. I packed a lot into my trip, which is what I try and do whenever I travel.

It was a fun, quick trip to Maryland and I'm missing the fall colors and all the trees.